Journal of Life and Medical Sciences



Journal of Life and Medical Sciences No. ISSN 2353-1371 is a continuation of the scientific journal Life Sciences (ISSN 2720-6823). The journal has been published continuously since 2013 by the Association of Young Scientists (Polish, ISSN 2353-1371).

In 2013-2018, the journal was classified in the list of scoring journals of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education with 2 points. The journal has 20 MEiN points according to the Announcement of the Minister of Education and Science of July 17, 2023 on the list of scientific journals and reviewed materials from international conferences.

The idea of ​​the magazine is to enable the publication of original and review papers prepared by young science adepts (students working in scientific associations, doctoral students, young science workers). Publication in the journal is free. All submitted articles are reviewed in accordance with the highest standards set by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Topics: broadly understood natural and medical sciences (biology, chemistry, food technology, dietetics, nutrition, biogeography, zootechnics, gardening, agriculture, ecology, other similar).

The journal is indexed in the database: ICI Journals Master List, AGRO, ARIANTA and the Polish Scientific Bibliography (PBN).

Articles published in J Life Med. Sci can be searched in publicly available scientific databases and catalogs such as: Google Scholar, FreeFullpdf, Microsoft Academy.

License: CC BY-SA.


Editorial Committee

  • Editor in Chief: dr Mateusz Gortat
  • Deputy Editor-in-Chief: dr Agata Kobyłka
  • Technical editor: Paweł Kuś
  • Cover design: Robert Giza


Scientific Council

  • dr Anna Stępniowska (University of Life Sciences in Lublin)
  • dr Mateusz Gortat (Association of Young Scientist)
  • dr n. med Jerzy Bednarski (Medical University of Lublin)
  • dr n. wet. mgr inż. Dariusz Wolski (Centrum Badawczo Rozwojowe EKOPLON)
  • dr Agata Kobyłka (University of Life Sciences in Lublin)


Index Copernicus Value [ICV]
2020: 66.65
2019: 55.20
2018: 66.48
2017: 61.86
2016: 42.91
2015: 40.58